Arnetha Thomas, nick name, "Neat" of Neatbooks4u is a native of Miami, FL and a graduate of Miami Northwestern Senior High, home of the "Bulls." She obtained a Master of Social Work degree from Barry University and has worked in public service for over 49 years. Some of her tenure include therapist, Social Worker, program development, administration, conflict resolution/reconciliation specialist, trainer and consultant.

Author Thomas has primarily served faithfully in the Baptist church all of her life. In addition, she was licensed and ordained as a Minister in the early 2000's. At some point, Author Thomas became too busy for God. She deliberately told Him "I don't have time for this." After praying she was directed to study God's whole armor. Reportedly was faithful for a short while. Never-the-less, Author Thomas thought it was more important to write grants and build social networks.Then boom! "Read all about it" in the Power of the Blood at Work Broken Veil-Revised.This e-book is available on Author Thomas website @ www.neatbooks4u.com

It took at least one year before Author Thomas had that intimate encounter with the LORD. She indicated, God said, "I got your back." It was this experience that Author Thomas became broken, repented and was remorseful. Now ready to be use by God. She is reminded the journey is a continuous learning experience with God. Still some ups and downs, BUT God said, "I got your back." Author Thomas says, "What a consolation to know "My Daddy, got my back!"

She express a desire to share pertinent highlights of how God is moving in her life; like He is moving greatly in yours. However, if you feel God is not, then mediate on His word and pray with some consistency. Author Thomas believes you will see a positive change/difference.

Finally making the decision to retire, God has blessed Author Thomas to pen a new book, titled, Challenging Your Thought Process For Righteous Living. She indicated will share more later.

At this time Author Thomas speak increase blessings upon you, your family and friends. Arnetha of www.neatbooks4u.com look forward to our long, lasting and prosperous friendship. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen!