Getting a loan at Nebeus means that you don’t need to worry with as many things as you would. The two main reasons are the facts that you don’t have to worry with the bitcoin rate or if your collateral is securely protected. You don’t need to worry about the bitcoin rate since the rate is fixed for the duration of the loan (being nominated in euros) and deposits of 5000€ or more kept with a reputable custodian while deposits of 5000€ or less are stored in Nebeus’ Cold storage.

With Nebeus is possible to start borrowing at 250€ with the loan value of 72% with rates that go from 6,12% to 10,55%. The terms go from 3 months to 36 months and with Bitcoin and Ethereum as pledged currency. This way, Nebeus has already helped their users to receive instant Crypto loans for the past five years.

It is possible to withdraw the amount to your bank account or directly to Mastercard.  Right after repaying the loan, the security deposit is instantly credited to the Wallet.

Because Nebeus wants to ensure high-lvel security of customers’ funds, they have the Cold storage, an offline server that is full of protection features.