The Neck Connection (Kindle Edition is available at Amazon) is a book about an amazing discovery made by Dr Mosaraf Ali that the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain have separate blood supply. The Subconscious Brain is a little understood part of our being, yet it is responsible for controlling practically every aspect of our lives.

Using the subconscious brain we live, emote, reproduce, digest, protect ourselves, heal and regulate all our bodily functions. We also react to external stimuli, sleep, wake, make love, coordinate, stand, carry out skills, eat, maintain homoeostasis (constant body temperature, maintenance and blood parameters). All of these, and more, use the subconscious brain. This book reveals my discovery and hypothesis, that the uncontrollable part of the involuntary brain can be controlled and influenced to function more efficiently by improving the blood supply to it. The more nutrition, oxygen, glucose, micro elements etc. you supply to it through blood and brain fluid, the better those functions will be carried out.

The basic logic is that the conscious brain appeared much later in the evolution of the brain and is therefore present in mammals. On the other hand reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and insects still only have the involuntary or automatic brain functioning on its own or with instinct without a conscious command. The two parts of the brain have two separate circulatory networks. In strict principle, the carotid artery, which is located in the front of the neck, hidden behind the firmer muscles, predominantly supplies blood to the conscious or voluntary brain. That is the part that thinks, makes decisions, has logic, deduces, analyses, sees colours or shapes, hears and stores sounds, or words, in our long-term memory and gives us intelligence. How quickly and effectively we carry out these functions depends largely on this supply. It cannot for example, help in the process of digestion, hormonal regulation, body temperature control or improve the immune system. These are highly complicated processes. The vertebral arteries and veins, however, are located in a canal, formed by the bodies of the neck vertebrae and thick fibrous sheaths. The body has taken utmost care in protecting these blood vessels. I discovered that these are vital because they nourish the most crucial and delicate parts of the brain known as The Subconscious Brain. Eureka! For centuries, it was an accepted belief, especially in India, that you need to meditate, sublimate,eat vegetarian food, control your thoughts and relate them to the subconscious brain.

After years of perseverance devotees were able to slow down their breathing and heart rate. They were able to go into a “near death” state of “Samadhi” or deep hibernation, influence healing, even cure diseases. This book illustrates how you can influence your well-being, health, mental and bodily functions simply by improving blood flow to the very part of the brain that regulates all these. You need to learn a little anatomy to know how these blood vessels are affected by accidents, traumas, stress, birth injuries, posture or surgeries sustained in the neck area. The fragile and delicately balanced cervical vertebrae dislocate or misalign at their joints and compress or twist these vital arteries in the process. That reduces blood supply to the subconscious brain and alters its normal vital functions. Correct the faults with my unique technique of therapy with massage, manipulation, specific yoga exercises and change in diet and ‘bingo’, you automatically heal and normal functions of the body are restored.

This is the simple solution to very complicated questions: why are we ill and why do we function under par? And what we can do about it, is the revolutionary idea detailed in this book.

I have worked unceasingly to prove my hypotheses for more than 20 years, against all odds, facing challenges and criticism. I have carried out my therapy on thousands of patients, to deduce, formulate, and ascertain the Neck Connection in Disease and Health.

This is my seventh book. As an established writer, speaker and doctor I have pioneered integrated medicine in specific fields and I want to share the contents of this book with you. I hope my discovery is further researched and put to use to understand and treat numero us diseases to help mankind relieve itself of discomfort and suffering.