In nect, we believe that high-tech can be green.

We achieve it by using recyclable materials and sponsoring initiatives working on clean manufacturing.

We do it while creating LTE USB Modem with eSIM data packages so professionals all around the globe can be connected to the Internet at all times.

nect MODEM is a complete solution providing productivity, mobility, privacy and sharing between professionals.

Sleek design for true mobility. Forget worrying abou tan extra device and its
long cord; nect MODEM connects directly to your computer so you and your coworkers, friends or family are always ready to connect wherever you may be.

All browsing is secure browsing. No more unprotected, public wifi. so, feel free to do all your important browsing or banking. nect MODEM provides our users with highest level of security.

nect MODEM is entirely made of ABS plastic. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a totally eco-friendly plastic. It is fully recycled and compound that is itself entirely recyclable.

It's global. Purchase data plans in 208 countries and territories around the world as well as at home. You can do that online thanks to our eSIM technology.