LI-DOG.org is seeking to increase access to public parkland and beaches to responsible Long Island dog owners. This event looks to spread the message and socialize our dogs.
LI-DOG (Long Island Dog Owners Group) is a community group of over 3,000 dog owners (Guardians) dedicated to the health, care & well being of our loving canine companions through the establishment of safe & legal off-leash Dog Parks on Long Island.

Currently, Long Island is not a dog friendly environment despite the fact that 45% of the population owns at least one dog.  This means that the needs of hundreds of thousands of Long Island voters are not being represented.

Current dog laws are outdated and anti-dog. Our purpose is to change this by enacting laws which are in touch with today's society and culture.

Mobilization of Dog Groups and citizens in Suffolk and Nassau counties has begun.  In order for us to succeed in our endeavor we must develop into a massive grass roots movement.