Startup planner is an AI-powered agile product management tool, aims to help entrepreneurs to build their product starting from the discovery stage, ideation, development, prelaunch, launch, growth to mature stage. It helps the startups to get the visibility of the product development process, strategies and build such an intuitive and market fit product that have a competitive edge over its competitors.

Startup planner furnished with strategic as well as tactical features aims to provide product managers best companion throughout the product lifecycle. It empowers the startup owners to design a proper business model and a strong value proposition for their product. So, they can avert the failure at the pre-stage of the product launch.

The startup planner equipped with the feature like the conceptual story, job mapping helps the startups to develop a cohesive and rich story narrative.

The feature like storyboards and Alexa triggers give the insights of the product development from idea to a feature on the product.

The finance planner feature will always show you the most profitable revenue stream and the cost structure for your business. So, that you always stay profitable and build a cordial relationship with your partners as well as with your customers.

Startup Planner is like your self-incubator for your startup.