Mid-century style.  Audiophile sound. Founded in 2019, NEITSCH LABS began producing hand-made mid-century sound consoles the likes of those from the 1960s that graced every then-modern and affluent home whose owner enjoyed quality, audiophile sound.

About the Founder: With a background in signal processing and acoustic engineering, and M.S./B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Signal Processing from Clarkson University, Alexander Neitsch began his career at a Dutch government think tank in Delft, The Netherlands and worked in the field of acoustics since 2008 designing and developing large-scale acoustic solutions -- big speakers, big amplifiers, and big complex mathematics that drive the physics behind them -- to perform active-noise-control (ANVC) for things like abating the noise of an airport for a major european city.

As someone who enjoys beautiful design, thinks mid-century style is the pinnacle of human design, prefers handmade quality and id one who demands audiophile quality sound himself, it only made sense for Alexander Neitsch to create something like NEITSCH LABS.