Nektyd is the go-to website for finding or creating a service. If you need to hire a babysitter, go to Nektyd and review Links to hire. If you want to start a marketing institution, go to Nektyd and create a marketplace. We'll give you a description of our lingo below:

Link - A Link is a group of skilled Heroes. When a Client posts a Job to the Link, the Job is posting to a group of Heroes which the POC (Point of Contact) has vetted. The POC feels comfortable having these Heroes represent their Link and if any disputes arise, the POC will be the one to help fix the issue. The Link is essentially connecting the Heroes to the Job and the Client.

Hero - A Hero is any individual within a community with a desire to get paid for their skills. These are outstanding people trying to better their lives. From having a full-time job to having no job, work within your schedule. See the jobs pay before you accept the work. Work for yourself. Become a hero by joining a Link, apply within the Link!

POC - A Point of Contact is the creator of the Link. These are the innovative people within the community filling a service need. This person will submit a brief form answering questions why their Link will be successful. Nektyd reviews and accepts all potentially successful Links. Point of Contacts accept heroes to work for their Links. The Heroes will be working the job through your Link, but since you took the initiative to be the innovator and get the work, you will set the rate you take for each job your Heroes work. POC's are the point of contact for each job and dispute within the Link. Accept your Heroes wisely because all Links will be ranked based on ratings and jobs performed. Create your Link today.

Client - A Client is anyone posting a job. You post these jobs through the Link. If you want help with a certain service, go to our Links page and find the Link you want to work for you. Use the reviews and POC's reputation to decide which Link is right for you. Need help with a service? Find a Link and post a job today!

Nektyd gives you the reigns to work for yourself. We are constantly adding new features based on the feedback of our users. Our mission is for every Link on Nektyd to be successful. It is completely free to use. Go to www.Nektyd.com and think of a creative way to make more money. If you are confused contact us, and we will be happy to help you.