Nelly De Vuyst® is a premium skin care brand with a longstanding reputation as one of the most effective, anti-aging and corrective skincare line on the market that is compatible with all medical aesthetic practices. Dedicated to the Health and Beauty of the skin, Nelly De Vuyst® products are exclusively offered through spas and medical spas.

Nelly De Vuyst® products are sold in 25+ countries in over 4,000 locations world-wide. This specialty skin care line is known for results and a science-based approach to correcting skin problems, with millions of satisfied customers.

New Generation: The Diadermic Method™
Over 45 years of research and experience
Exceptional quality and product purity
Personalized and complete product line
State of the art performance

Over the last 45 years, Nelly De Vuyst® has made history with skin care professionals. Delivering results to its clients in a safe manner, Nelly De Vuyst® has enjoyed a longstanding reputation in Europe as one of the most consistently acclaimed manufacturer of exceptional products for the face and body.

Through the collaboration of her researchers, dermatologists and chemists, Mme. De Vuyst had developed a truly revolutionary range of effective, corrective products and treatments. Knowing the constant evolvement of technology and an even more demanding public, Mme. De Vuyst turned to her faithful ally Manon Pilon to reinvent and  bring Nelly De Vuyst® products to the next generation of users. Introducing a new revolutionary manufacturing process to the line gave birth to the Diadermic Method™, a revolutionary manufacturing process for unprecedented results. Nelly De Vuyst® New Generation skin care line was born.

Today, the Nelly De Vuyst® products are manufactured in Canada and are still held to the highest European Union quality standards which remain the most demanding in the cosmetic field. The Nelly De Vuyst® laboratory carefully adheres to these standards forbidding the use of many commonly used ingredients as well as any animal testing.

The Nelly De Vuyst® laboratory in Canada is continuously researching new generations of active ingredients and technologies to continue developing skin care products that are held to the highest industry standards for the best skin results.