Company Introduction

Lizard Interactive was founded in 1996 and was the first company in Korea to develop a MUD game engine. Through constant development and successes, Lizard has grown to be a leader in the free-to-play business segment of the online game market with over 80 employees and an ever growing global network of partners. NeoFun (neofun.com) is Lizard’s global free-to-play games portal. Through NeoFun and a global network of partners, Lizard introduces new original MMORPG and casual games to gamers worldwide. Lizard also currently services two very successful full 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Cronous (cronous.com) and Sho Online (shoonline.com). Lizard has a series of short competitive games for casual gamers called the FunFun Arcade. Lizard continues to develop high quality free and entertaining games for all players.

Company Philosophy

The founder of the company, Mr. Sang-wook Lee is a man of faith and believes that all people should be happy and good. His motto for the company has been “Fun & New” because that’s what he wanted to provide to the gamers who were partners in the great successes of the company. Making your life fun and new through quality free play.


Lizard Interactive has two MMORPG titles played around the globe, Cronous and Sho Online. These are action fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing games. In addition, Lizard Interactive operates the NeoFun games portal where quality free-to-play games can always be found. In the NeoFun portal are a series of casual games called the FunFun Arcade. These are short online casual games for gamers of all ages. New games are continually added to the NeoFun portal and to the FunFun Arcade. All of Lizard Interactive’s title are free-to-play and feature high quality 3D graphics.

About Cronous

Lizard’s globally played MMORPG title, CRONOUS, is a very high quality free-to-play full 3D graphic action fantasy video game. Cronous has a complex and flexible level and skill system. Players gain experience by fighting monsters and each other. In addition, various rewards can be gained from fighting monsters and completing quests. There are castles and territories to be fought over, strong community of guilds, siege warfare, special growth items, pets and more. In addition, the world of Cronous is continually evolving through patches and updates.

Sho Online

The free-to-play full 3D MMORPG title, Sho Online, is also played around the world by avid fans. The idea for the story was taken from “Fengshen Yanyi”, a famous Chinese novel that is part history and part ancient Chinese mythology. It is about a war between the Yin and Zhou. This bitter and brutal war is still remembered by Chinese to the present day. In the game, players can advance through quests, fighting monsters, dueling with other players and fighting in the war between the Yin and Zhou. There are guild communities, pets, siege warfare and numerous other fun exciting elements to this unique free-to-play game with imaginative graphics and innovative game play. This game is also continually evolving through updates and patches with feedback from the players.