Neo Group is a leading globalization data, analytics, monitoring and advisory firm and has been recognized by various industry groups and buyers as a leader in this industry.  Buyers of Global Services depend heavily on our advice, research and analytics to make critical decisions like what to source, when to source, where to source, who to partner with, how to manage and monitor, and more.

Neo Group Founder and Chairman, Mr. Atul Vashistha, is a founding board member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) and also the founding Chairman of Nearshore Executive Alliance. He has been recognized extensively for his contributions to the industry with awards such as Top 25 Most Influential Consultants, Top 6 IT Power Brokers, Globalization Today Powerhouse, Nearshore Power 50, HRO Superstar and FAO Superstar. He has also authored three best selling books: The Offshore Nation, Globalization Wisdom and Outsourcing Wisdom.

The Neo Group team is comprised of experienced, hands-on professionals and industry thought leaders who regularly contribute to various industry publications such as FAO Today, HRO Today, Global Services, CIO, Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Outsourcing Malaysia, Nearshore Americas and CNN. These informative contributions are well respected by the industry and receive broad distribution. Neo Group professionals are regarded as experts in the services sourcing space, a reputation built on years of successfully helping clients in Global Services Sourcing.