Proof of Work
Neoxa’s network security relies on a robust Proof of Work (PoW) system, allocating a 45% reward to miners.

A Neoxa Smartnode is a specialized node on the Neoxa blockchain that maintain the networks security. It requires users to lock a specific amount of Neoxa coins as collateral.

Play 2 Earn
Neoxa boasts a distinctive Play2Earn (P2E) model that sets it apart from other chains. Users can participate in this innovative system without any upfront costs or NFTs.

Gaming & Streaming
Neoxa is actively developing its utility smartnodes to expand their capabilities, including the provision of streaming and game server hosting services.

Content Creators
Are you a content creator? Neoxa currently supports payouts for streamers on Twitch and your account can easily be linked.

Neoxa features a marketplace where users can purchase in-game items. Notably, the Neoxa coins spent in this marketplace are permanently removed from the supply through a burning mechanism.

Gaming Portal
Our customized gaming platform offers a seamless integration for our gamers, enabling them to effortlessly connect their wallet to the game of their preference. This linking of your distinct game identifier also grants access to the feature of having in-game statistics seamlessly displayed on our platform.

Neoxa operates on a capped supply of 21 billion coins with a 4-year halving cycle, ensuring a block is generated every 60 seconds, facilitating rapid and efficient transactions. In our dynamic ecosystem, Smartnodes hold a significant role, receiving 45% of block rewards. Proof of Work also garners 45% of rewards, while Play To Earn comprises 5%. Additionally, Neoxa has a 5% founders fee allocated towards the enhancement and development of the platform.