We wont live without an adventure in our life. Adventure trekking and tour refresh our mind and focus us on our regular work, with this moto Nepal Hill Trekking started to serve trekking in Nepal, Everest and Annapurna as trekking guide. After great service till 10 years. NHT(Nepal Hill Trekking) has launched its government approved trekking agency in Nepal — at http://www.nepalhilltrekking.com The site offers mnay trekking and exiciting trips anoudt the best trekking destination  in Nepal. For vacationers of all ages, making it the largest online marketplace for adventure and active travel.
"More and more trekkers are incorporating education and learning into their vacation experience, such as learning a new language abroad. We are seeing more families scrapping traditional trekking plans for more meaningful and beautifull vacations. This trend will continue as more trekking providers accommodate the growing demand so this category will expand. Whatever the trends may be, adventure and active trekkers will find what they’re looking for at NepalHillTrekking.com"
As part of the Adventure trekking category, trekkers can choose to learn about the Nepal and art from Art History of he country, where instructors teach on site and expose trekkers to the many beautiful mountains like Everest base camp, Annapurna and Langtang at the top of the world.  For those desiring to learn a new language and cultural immersion, adventure and real natural heaven of te earth; NHT offers the best trekking and tour package in with a variety of adventure options and programs to suit trekkers needs.
Additional categories at NepalHillTrekking.com include cultural tours in Nepal, eco-tourism, adventure vacations, wildlife safaris and special interest travel categories such as family camps, women’s travel and corporate team building adventures.
NepalHillTrekking.com is designed to help active all trekkers easily research adventure vacations, comparison shop and communicate directly with vacation providers at Nepal to ask questions and learn of trip availability via electronic requests. Trekkers can navigate quickly through the site and find exactly what they are looking for without encountering frustrating, dead-end or irrelevant searches. Once trekkers find their ideal vacation, they can click on direct links to vacation providers to book trips.
About the Company
Nepal Hill Trekking founded in 2009, A unique adventure trekking & tour agency in Nepal. Known as a leading trekking company in Nepal focusing on one of the fastest growing segments of the trusim industry. Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, the company publishes highly regarded award-winning website, NepalHillTrekking.com, the premier information resource for active travelers, offering the finest adventure and active trekking vacations on the land of Mount Everest. So book your adventure holiday tour, trekking and vacation package at Nepal, having more than 10 years expereience in tourism industry.