With new regulations sweeping the credit card industry, many cardholders are left looking for new cards.  However, the online credit card search world is dominated by affiliate sites whose selection is limited to cards that pay the sites kickbacks.  Even consumer-oriented heavy-hitters Mint and Billshrink only provide a limited view of the card universe, putting particular emphasis on “Sponsored Cards”.

But with more than 1,000 credit cards in the US alone, how can a consumer expect to find the perfect card when given only 50 or so choices?

NerdWallet.com launced with more than five times the cards as other sites, offering consumers a dead-simple way to find the right card for their needs.  NerdWallet provides unbiased analyses of rewards programs and objectively ranks a user’s best credit card options, regardless of whether the cards pay referral fees.  

Access to such a large selection of credit cards has proven to drive savings for beta-testers, who were able to save an average of $200 per year over their current cards.