Blades from hundreds of layers of  finest damascus steel, handles precious wood, clamps made of silver and stainless steel, perfectly balanced ergonomics, stunning sharpness and the breath very special passion - this all is part of the fascination of Nesmuk knives, the now ambitious hobby chefs as well as numerous succumb top restaurateurs and chefs around the world.

The full range of luxury brand based in the "cradle of cutlery art" Solingen, fans and customers in the official online shop: nesmuk-shop.de.

On one hand, the four Nesmuk editions SOUL, JANUS, Diamor and EXCLUSIVE who bring each own benefits: for the exclusive Chef's Knife and Slicer arising from up to 480 layers of damascus complete with exquisite craftsmanship, which are JANUS knife provided with black DLC coating, the Diamor with specially developed diamond-like carbon. This results in outstanding levels of sharpness and exceptionally long service life. Prices range from 325 EUR (SOUL Office diameter) to 4980 EUR (EXCLUSIVE damask with cutting edge). Selected knife of the year and special editions are priced even in dimensions of up to 80,000 EUR.

Still fairly new to the range and after years of development emerged: the jackknife editions of Nesmuk Folder. Stylishly cutting - always and everywhere by handmade and finished by hand masterpieces.

Are complemented by exclusive accessory products: Decorative knife holder for stylish storage, elegant cutting boards and the Nesmuk strops and Belgian whetstones for sharpening.

Discover the world of Nesmuk knife on nesmuk-shop.de/en or nesmuk.de/en!