As we all know by now Facebook is the best Social Networking Site and ranks 2nd only to Google in terms of traffic.  Facebook is also the best place to market and promote your own company brand, products and services.  Facebook creates identity for your business.  Millions of users are registered to it; Facebook would be the third most populous in the world, if it were a country.

NetAFan.com offers a unique way to reach new Facebook fans, grow your customer base and promote your product or service directly to the public.  Each week on Thursday night from 7PM to 9PM NetAFan.com broadcasts a live internet show.  Four contestants are vying for a quality prize.  During the live two hour show, the four contestants utilize their smart phones by calling, texting and emailing their own friends and family to log onto NetAFan.com and vote for their favorite contestant.  During the two hour show there are also competitive competitions between the contestants to win more  prizes.  The contestant with the most votes at the end of the two hour show wins the grand prize for the day.  The goal for the program is for that week's show sponsor to grow their fan base on their Facebook fan page and therefore gaining more exposure for their service or product.