NetDNA is the latest collaborative genome of Internet pioneers Ben Neumann and Chris Ueland, the team behind enterprises such as Globat LLC, Icom.com and other landmark ventures.

Ben and Chris bring 15 years of joined experience in Internet services, shared hosting and advertising delivery to the effort, providing top-tier web hosting service to over 100,000 concurrent customers worldwide at Globat LLC. In 2009, Globat LLC was acquired and is now owned and managed by a large hosting provider based out of Boston, MA, leaving Ben and Chris free to focus on NetDNA's specialized content delivery network services.

Our customer service model is "Promise and Deliver." Delivery is a central theme across all aspects of the NetDNA service, from delivering content to users quickly and efficiently to delivering a highly satisfactory customer experience for our clients from the very beginning. But the delivery is hinged upon the promise; at NetDNA it is not enough to simply deliver the standard "cross your fingers" service, we dare to promise unparalleled speed, execution, reliability and care. After all, speed and efficiency are in our DNA.  

NetDNA offers its clients custom CDN solutions that help them to use best practices to optimize their Websites with.  NetDNA provides a full service solution including help with implementation if needed.  Designed for Enterprise CDN customers NetDNA has grown its reputation as being a leading content delivery network through its numerous backlinks that currrently appear on such sites as Yoast.com, CopyBlogger.com, WebsiteDesignerDepot.com and TemplateMonster.com.    

NetDNA has the ability to serve big or small sites and with such an agile team has kept up and surpassed its competitors through quality product development.  Using real-time reporting technologies, a NetDNA customer is able to visually see their bandwidth and hits on the fly to identify and plan for bandwidth spikes.

NetDNA is also know for its Advertising Delivery Solution Ad STATâ„¢ which currently servers 10s of millions of impressions per day allowing content publishers to have a greater return on their arbitraged CPC campaigns.  Using a clustered OpenX installationi optimezed and integrated with the NetDNA content delivery network, the Ad STAT program has revolutionized how Advertising Delivery is done.

NetDNA has also implemented multiple Wowza Media Advanced 2 installations that allow its customers to do a wide range of streaming using http, rtmp and live streaming protocals.   The latest Wowza edition also allows for streaming to the iPhone and Blackberry as well as other mobile device streaming, while also being able to stream quicktime and silverlight content without the need to have seperate media servers for each different content type and encoder.