Neternatives is all about mobile commerce and Internet.  We operate in 22-countries through over 20-divisions and offer a wide-variety of products and marketing systems worldwide.  Although we specialize in Mobile commerce, through our ReferNation division, we offer an international blog and social media network with over 700,000 Referrers.  Our ability to get the word out coupled with our other proprietary marketing system makes Neternatives a leader in online commerce.

We are all about mobile and internet...and a few other things too!  Theolegions, our international parent and holding company, began operations in September 1980.  Now operating in 22-countries and with over 21,000 affiliates and resellers, we are one of the largest privately held internet companies in the world.  Originally a completely wholesaler of services type of company, recently with the introduction of Neternatives in 2010, we have now branched out into retail operations.

  Theolegions - international holding company

 Applied Mind Sciences - mind research facility
 AMS Counseling Services - pro bono counseling services
 TheoEstate Partners - real estate partnerships
 TheoTech Partners - technology research and development
 TheoSat - satellite and transponder technology
 TheoPat - patent holding entity
 Tomorrow Television - future television transmission technology

 Applied Web Info - USA-based holding company

 Information Technology
           Applied WebApp - web presence development
           Applied Webware - software development
 Research & Development

 Neternatives - Retail web commerce company

 DbNations - database management
 ReferNation - word of mouth marketing
 TexterNation -mobile commerce
 ProductNation - marketplace product placement
 SurvivalNations -survival planning and products
 Quponics - digital mobile text coupons