Net Line, LLC is an internet asset management company.  What does that mean?  It means the the company creates, owns and manages web sites for its own account and for the account of others.  

Net Line owns a number of web sites that vary from Membership sites to brochure sites, and everything in between.  

The predecesson of Net Line started in 1998 and created one of the first full service, online ecommerce enabled web sites.  The site bosted a complete shopping cart with the ability to customize a order in terms of product size, color, amount, etc.  Today that is commonplace.  In 1998, it was not.

Net Line has its own private web hosting facility www.i-nethome.com and hosts all of the sites under managment by the company.  At this time the web host does not provide web hosting services to third parties.  Don't worry.  As long as you dont use Go Daddy there are plenty of good inexpensive web hosting companies.