NetMoreNow created a low cost solution for small online business owners to promote their businesses using web 2.0 marketing strategies that demand tools customized  for their particular business.  Keyword research is performed to layout a customized business blog and plan overall strategy.  A custom Twitter page is built and promoted to attract people interested in what the business owner offers.  Email templates, domain name and initial hosting is included.  The service is kicked off with a cross-promotion such as an 'enter-to-win' drawing that can be 'cross-promoted' through several social network lists to build interest.  An 'intelligent press release' is also launched to publicize the cross-promotion, tell a story about the website and owner and build backlinks.  

When the cross-promotion comes to a close, the website owner owns the custom marketing tools and now has the know-how to continue marketing their business.  We serve the online business owner who wants to implement a cohesive marketing strategy with the best tools and gain the knowledge to do their own marketing.

After an initial setup fee that is surprisingly affordable, any additional services are optional.  Further hosting, site maintenance and domain name renewal is $25/mo.  There's an option to add an hour of training to monthly hosting.  Another option includes hosting and social bookmarking. And another includes hosting, bookmarking, and writing and distributing a press release.