NetQuest has been providing innovative network monitoring access solutions for 30 years by enabling visibility into WAN, Metro and long haul networks including DWDM, OTN, SONET/SDH, native Ethernet and legacy circuits including E3/T3 and E1/T1.  

NetQuest’s product lines enable selective access to traffic of interest for cyber surveillance applications regardless of the network interface or traffic profile.  The Interceptor and Converger product lines include high bandwidth interfaces like DWDM and 100G OTU4 as well as SONET/SDH/PDH focused products.  The NetQuest products ensure Ethernet based tools can gain and maintain real-time network access regardless of the network interface’s data stream speed or its framing attributes, tributary hierarchy, or protocol transport.

NetQuest is constantly pushing the limits of technology to innovate and create solutions making passive cyber surveillance possible on next generation networks.  NetQuest has differentiated itself by integrating a rich array of proprietary features into its product portfolio including network auto-discovery, Hybrid Inspection Technology (HIT) for real time-traffic inspection and filtering, metadata creation and cloud based network analytic tools.