(April 18, 2019) – NetRoots Technologies, an Ireland-based information technology company, aims to present simple but innovative solutions to your complex business problems. NetRoots Technologies was visualized over a decade ago in a town in Ireland. The aim was to find simple, customized technological solutions for complex business problems. Over a short span of time, NetRoots grew from one office in Ireland to offices all around the world.

NetRoots offers a number of products and services, including IT consulting, software, web and app development, digital marketing, and BI/big data analytics, to help you manage and grow your business. NetRoots creates customized products to fulfill the business needs of each of its clients. Its main products include the following:

Enterprise Resource Planning software: NRT ERP software integrates the core processes of your business into a single, customizable system to boost productivity, save time, and increase profits.

Customer Relationship Management software: NetRoots CRM allows you to record, manage, and analyze interaction with customers and potential customers to improve relationships with users and consequently increase sales.

Human Resource Management System: NetRoots HRMS organizes and consolidates your HR processes within a simple, yet thorough, system to save time, lower operational costs, and revolutionize employee management.

DentoMateTM: DentoMate is an electronic health record (EHR) system for dental clinics, which expedites and automates administrative tasks to increase efficiency by storing medical and treatment history of patients, automating billing, and enabling doctors to administer computerized prescriptions.

Student Consultancy Management system: NetRoots SCM system helps educational consultants manage their student information and documents, track student applications, give offers of admission, and enable student visa applications.

Property Management System: NetRoots PMS simplifies residential and commercial property management by digitizing property owner, tenant, and support staff databases, and automating complaint and record management.

The experienced professionals at NetRoots Technologies ensure that your business finds exactly what it needs to grow. NetRoots Tech. aims to find simple, user-friendly, and innovative human-centered technological solutions that are both practical and beautiful.


Contact Person: Hassan Mushtaq Sheikh

Office: 11 Grattan St, Kylekiproe, Portlaoise, Laois, R32 HY59, Ireland

Contact: +353 (57) 860 1255

Address: 318 Oracle Rd., Wilmington, DE 19808.

+1 (610) 810-3346

Pakistan Office:

Address: Aftab Center 26 | 28 Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Phone: +924236287770

Email:  hassan.sheikh@netrootstech.com