Lirone Glikman is an energetic business networking coach, international speaker & blogger.

Lirone Glikman helps business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and career-oriented people around the world to achieve their goals through smart creation and management of their business relationships and improvement of their communication skills.

In her talks, workshops and writings, Lirone Glikman provides practical tools and techniques based on “The 5 pillar method to effective networking”, she developed.

Lirone teaches how to create relationships face to face and online, maintaining relationships, improving interpersonal skills, impression management, how to overcome the fear of rejection, networking strategy, and more- with dedication to your success and a big smile!

Lirone shares her networking knowledge and philosophy based on 16 years of global work experience. Her goal is to help others take control of their lives, reach their goals, succeed, and – most importantly – enjoy doing it!
She is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and works with audience worldwide.

Website: www.lironeglikman.com
Email: info@lironeglikman.com