Neu Paradigm Media uses technology to profile leading trendsetters, game changers, and service providers in the business, political, and medical communities. With the usage of our broadcast platform for 20 minutes and our digital publishing arms, we highlight and bring awareness to the contributions made by individuals, institutions, and agencies.
•     20 Minutes is a broadcast platform that profiles business leaders, political game changers, mental and physical health change agents, and spiritual leaders.
•     Stakeholders is a monthly digital publication that highlights business or political community groundbreakers as well as other activities that are of interest and community driven by those who shape the space.
•     New Jersey Providers Magazine is a quarterly digital publication that highlights the mental, physical, or alternative healthcare professionals, institutions, and agencies that affect and enhance the quality of life in the communities we live in.
Simply put, Neu Paradigm is dedicated to bringing closer and more detailed information from those who influence and shape the communities in which our readers, listeners, and participants participate.
For further information, please contact us at solutions@neuparadigm.com  or contact the company at 609.228-5758.