Neurotone, Inc. is the leading developer of  auditory rehabilitation software to
assist the hard of hearing. The company markets the LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) auditory rehabilitation software and Hearbot
assistive listening product lines.
Neurotone sells its products primarily to hearing healthcare professionals around the world.
Neurotone was started in 2004 by Gerry Kearby and Rob Modeste. Mr. Kearby was a pioneer of online music distribution while CEO at Liquid Audio. Both Mr. Kearby and Mr. Modeste have long and successful histories in the music and professional audio industries.
The LACE product is aimed at those persons who have had hearing loss for an extended period of time. Use the LACE product has been clinically proven to increase hearing comprehension by an average 35%. The product was developed from research done at University of California at San Francisco. The product greatly enhances the effectiveness of hearing aids or in some cases can delays the need for a hearing aid.
The Hearbot assistive listening product is in essence a high fidelity hearing aid. Its intended use is to assist business users to hear human speech in meetings and generally noisy environments. It is not intended to replace a hearing aid. Hearbot is a system comprised of software running on a Macintosh laptop, a microphone and earbuds.