NevaeH Global Solutions is a Women/Veteran owned company, which provides consulting, training, and coaching services to business and individual clients worldwide.

Our Services

NevaeH Global Solutions serves clients by creating and delivering programs on the following topics:

•Customer Service
•Effective Communication
•Sales Management
•Leadership Development
•Effective Interviewing Skills
•Train the Trainer
•Career Transition
•Workforce Expectations
•Organizational Development
•Change Management
•Management Development
•Retention Strategies
•Conflict Resolution
•Time Management
•Strategic Planning
•Executive Coaching
•Team Development

We Work With

•Small businesses and start-ups
•Institutions of Higher Learning
•Medium and large corporations

Our Statement of Purpose

Vision:  To build bridges for successful recruitment, development, and retention for businesses and individuals.

Mission:  To provide indispensable consulting and coaching services that help individuals and businesses perform to their full potential.

Values:  We believe in putting people first, acting with integrity, and valuing hard work. We pursue excellence through innovation, respect and trust.