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What We Do...

NPA are professional exterior wall specialists who offer exterior specialist wall coatings, (similar to high performance paints), which are suitable for all wall surfaces, including tyrolean, pebbledash, spar dash, render, stucco, stone and brick. Our expert specialist teams can make your house totally free of maintenance for up to 15 years, fully guaranteed!

  • Professional Painting & decorating, domestic & commercial.
  • Supplied & applied exterior masonry wall coatings.
  • Damp proofing and DPC injected damp course replacement.
  • Building repair, minor & major projects, domestic & commercial.
  • External rendering and repairs to render.
  • Full UK authorised dealer network.
  • Smooth and textured coloured masonry coatings & paints.
  • Complete exterior property refurbishment, at affordable prices.
  • Suppliers & Installers of long life weatherproof exterior wall coatings.
  • Full paint and coating colour range, standard & custom colours.
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NPA exterior wall coatings
NPA exterior wall coatings...

What the NPA exterior wall coating system can do for you!

  • Stop all types of damp.
  • Eliminate condensation in the home.
  • Cuts wind chill and lowers heating bills.
  • Eliminates the need to repaint every year.
  • Available in any colour, including transparent.
  • A range of finishes, from smooth to coarse.
  • Suitable for ALL types of wall surface.
  • Fully protects your home against the weather.
  • Applied by skilled installation teams.
  • Over 24 years proof of performance.
  • Walls fully repaired before application.
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  • Would you like to find out how you can make your exterior walls free of maintenance?
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  • Are you sick of trying to find a decent contractor or builder?
  • Are you tired of having to have your house repaired and painted every year?
  • Does your property have cracks, hollow render, flaky tyrolean or loose pebbledash?
  • Would you like a professional FREE survey of the outside of your home and a detailed written quote with NO obligation or pressure?
  • How would you like to never have to paint your home again? Then NPA can help you!
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