Rates               (((((SPECIAL)))))

Introductory   $15 per hour.

I provide individual, in-home assistance to those who find computers frustrating, confusing, and generally unfriendly.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, I guarantee that you will learn useful new ways to make the time you spend with your computer more enjoyable, efficient, and productive.  

I can help you:

•    Find anything on your computer
•    Overcome the concern that you may accidentally delete something
•    Write a memo and create simple documents
•    Organize your work so that you can locate it quickly and easily
•    Solve the mysteries of mouse clicks (left and right)
•    Save and back up your work
•    Communicate via email
•    Shop online
•    Use amazingly easy shortcuts to save you time
•    Use your built-in calculator and address book
•    Create a handy spreadsheet
•    And much, much more...

You choose the skills that interest you.  

You decide how many lessons you want, or whether one lesson is all you need.  

Contact Details:

Please feel free to contact me.

I can be contacted in the following ways:    

Telephone: (818) 384-7741

Email: parkin961@hotmail.com


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