Imagination, intelligence & hard work are critical in business but without adequate resources, forward movement is too slow or even non-existent.

Are you in the process of formulating a strategic plan for your existing business?

Do you need to take your business to the next level of growth to meet customer demands?

Do you have an opportunity to leverage a great service with the right resources?

At NewGate Capital partners, we will help you design and implement the right growth resources plan.

Evolving from proven and solid business owner/entrepreneur background, the founders of NewGate wanted to help other business owners in the transition of the business assets through the execution of an appropriate exit strategy.

NewGate understands and appreciates the challenges in exploring options relating to a sale of a business. What the business owner requires to make a positive informed decision is a quality consultant the business owner can confide in and trust. NewGate offers a boutique environment catering to a selected clientele and providing the right counsel, analysis, and tools in the development, planning, and execution of the best exit strategy or merger of a business. NewGate prides itself in making its network of successful entrepreneurs available so as to provide its clients the full relationship benefits from being part of the NewGate family. NewGate enjoys a successful track history in identifying individuals to other companies or groups in the search for the ideal buyer, partner, or investor. NewGate performs target searches across North America, Canada and Europe. NewGate's job is to uncover the missing ingredient, to effect the business owner’s goals and objectives. In many instances, NewGate's performs services as a finder ; however, NewGate is not an Investment Banker or a securities broker. NewGate brings quality people together to facilitate transactions. Of course, the actual negotiations/due diligence, as well as the legal/accounting disciplines, are the responsibility of the client.

Experience and Proficiency: Producing Results

Outsourcing strategic planning too often has meant high-cost and disappointing results. NewGate Capital Partners is the exception. It starts with our people; experienced business owners, not consultants on a theoretical plane. Talented people — innovators, leaders, professionals — who deliver what is promised, when it’s promised, all with the goal and perspective of measurable owner benefit. A client focus that solves your organization’s real-world growing pains coupled with sincere interest and care to maximize your employee and customer satisfaction.

"Investors are loaded with cash. Boomers are looking to buy. Foreign firms are eager to invest. What does that add up to? A seller's market for your business."
- Darren Dahl, Inc. Magazine