There are two types of treatment facilities around the world.

The first and most popular model is a multi-bed facility in a remote location with a revolving team.

The second option, which is gaining in popularity currency, is the single occupancy model and wrap-around team. Post coronavirus Covid-19 crisis we should see an increased uptake for single occupancy recovery options.

The big four options in Europe are as follows:

Addcounsel - London. Is a rehab and mental health service drawing on the capabilities of some of the leading specialists in the field of mental health. The average weekly price is €45,000.00.

The Kusnatch Practice - Switzerland. High-end mental health and addiction treatment center and covers the widest range of psychological and dependency disorders with bespoke care plans, in completely private and luxurious surroundings.

Paracelsus - Switzerland. The worlds most exclusive treatment centre. Average weekly price €60,000.00.

New Life Marbella - Southern Spain. Biochemical restoration, guaranteed anonymity, single occupancy, Covid-19 free. Dedicated medical and clinical team, bespoke treatment program. Average price €18,557.00 per week.

Clients would rather be in a guaranteed safe location without the risk of Covid-19 infection. We suggest that each client asks for Covid-19 certification of fumigation services provided for the residences and Covid-19 clearance for the Medical and Clinical staff treating the client through the contractual period.

It is also suggested that the client has the option to go to Alcoholic or Narcotic Anonymous meetings. This is a personal choice. At many multi-bed facilities, the options to choose are simply not there currently. You have to follow the program. Whilst the single occupancy options allow the client to design their own weekly program.

We would also suggest that the price, once the travel restrictions are lifted will be negotiable.

To learn more about the Single Occupancy Recovery Covid-19 Free and the New Life Marbella evidence-based biochemical addiction and mental health luxury facilities in southern Spain please visit www.newlifemarbella.com

About New Life Marbella

New Life Marbella Luxury Rehab Addiction Spain is one of the best treatment centers in the world for people who need support with ongoing issues with addiction and mental health. New Life Marbella Luxury Rehab Addiction Spain designs, implements and administers bespoke, evidence-based care-plans, including psychological and psychiatric assessments.

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