There are hundreds of thousands of children in the US foster care system, just waiting to be adopted.

Unfortunately, after the age of 8, or if they are a part of a sibling group, these children are far less likely to be adopted; the older they get, the more unlikely adoption becomes.  They languish in foster care, unwanted, until they turn 18, then are sent out on their own.

The Village changes all that!

It will be the first initiative of its kind in Florida, and one of only a few in the nation.
Parents are found who are willing to adopt these least wanted children out of foster care, and they, along with seniors willing to become "surrogate grandparents" reside in The Village, an "Intergenerational Community of Caring" that also includes the professional support everyone needs to help these hurting children become whole.  

The Village is a regular community in all the typical ways; all residents pay rent, work (or are retired in the case of the seniors), and go about their lives like you and I, but with one important addition: all the built in community (and professional) support these families need to best handle the many challenges associated with adopting these foster children.

Where there was despair, Hope.
Where there was hurt, Healing.
Where there was sorrow, Happiness.

It takes a village to raise a child; this is that Village.