What Differentiates Newman HR Consulting from other HR Companies?
  1. Frank is an HR leader with a “do the right thing” approach – practical, realistic, common sense, knowledgeable – “we can fix it” as well as grow your business
  2. Focus on small businesses – understanding the small business owner to provide the best HR Solutions
  3. Over 35 years of Human Resources experience – through good and bad business cycles, through multiple industries
  4. Regional accessibility – know the Kitchener – Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge region and issues because we are here so our HR Solutions are on target
  5. Passion for what we do – creating great companies has been a lifetime focus
  6. Established track record in HR – long list of deliverables in HR Solutions
  7. Recognition – As an HR Professional Frank has been recognized for his achievements in HR
  8. Team of Experts – using Frank’s 35 years of business experience as an HR Professional, he knows the best people to get the job done across the full range of employee and business issues