This platform is for anyone interested in advertising (selling) and networking (buyers)...

We are your final destination and prime advertising channel for the launch of your exclusive new offers, products, business or brand. If you are placing free offers, promotions, products within the platform it must be a unique price, % or incentive to www.newofferlaunch.com and you will be required to add a promotional code.

By joining our platform as an advertiser, you will be pleased to know that we frequently run seo schedules with contextual, banner, text, deep linking other forms of campaigns to help generate more juice for your offers. We do not only use the description fields in the item fields on our platform, but also key module areas within the platform, individual pages such as the blog page and of course tradtional methods such as newsletter and email campaigns.

We will also give you a helpful push with our own social networking promotion and other initiatives when new offers are added into our launch platform...so you have every reason to consider using our platform.

This is not like the many locked down directories or an affiliate network, so absolutely no need for new visitors to register to gain information about your business or take advanatge of your brand launch, new offer or products.

We believe our platform is situated right between traditional methods of businesses using affilate networks for campaigns, ecommerce for direct sales and forum blogging for lead generation, but we also give you a taste of SEO methods and extra potential to get traffic juice to your site. The platform is a different approach, yet can be used in a similar manner to the afore mentioned methods but provides advertisers with a direct and open channel for point of enquiry and sale. You will find products for sale, classified adverts, event notifications, discount codes, voucher placements, blog articles - everything wrapped into one platform for launch !!

Your company can launch exclusive campaigns via our platform to create a one stop, promotional platform. This is a user friendly and essential point of exchange for buyers and sellers who can all benefit from exclusive offers, promotional codes and offers.

The main point is we prefer to accept new startup's or established businesses with an exclusive offer, campaign or product they wish to launch with our platform. This can of course create and stimulate extra visitors and buyers by announcing the exclusive launch. All offer submissions are monitored and reviewed.

Your business may already have product promotions and will no doubt have it's own website, will be SEO optimised and your marketing people will be looking to start CPC, CPS, CPA initiatives and networking.

It is recognised that taking certain online steps can make for eventual success of your website, product awareness and increased sales... using our FREE platform is just one key step to gaining important leads, direct enquiries, unique clicks to specific URLs, raising overall brand awareness and converting sales.


- Start Up companies utilise the free automated system to place company information and mission objectives

- Companies can place exclusive offers with elegible promotional codes.

- Advertise existing products or relaunch them within the platform with a unique offer

- Evolve your business by constantly using the platform to communicate your new business ideas and related offers.

- Receive new leads and sales enquiries direclty. No lockdown. An opportunity to increase exposure

Launch your new ideas and exclusive offers via our website with the intention of gaining new buyers and retaining your existing clients, we have the platform to help you achieve your goals. You can find out more about publishing your offers HERE.....


If you are a casual visitor to our website and platform, then you can also use this to your advantage with great new offers and discounts exclusive to newofferlaunch.com direct from advertisers. The advertisements within the platform are added by the company or company representatives and any pre sales questions, purchase requirements, order and shipping updates, customer service issues or any matters should be made to actual advertiser directly.

- End users are able to freely contact companies directly for purchases which are exclusive to our platform

- End users are able to freely contact companies for direct networking, information requests or sales initiatives

- End users can be the first to receive new offers and deals on products or campaigns. So you can save money on top products by simply watching our platform. no registration is required !

- Discover a diverse range of business and products. You may often be offered a unique product or notified about an offer launch by connecting with our network, so come back frequentley for the next great "new offer launch !"....