Using IBM Watson Foundations, the NewSci Findability Platform provides leadership the cross-organizational view needed for knowledge-based actions. Our platform brings unstructured data, which today represents 80% of all data, into the mix. From mission reports to social media, NewSci’s Findability Platform combines rich textual information with traditional structured data to give you a complete picture of your organization’s DNA.

NewSci Labs helps your organization harness the power of Big Data by asking Big Questions – questions  specially designed to make new connections within your organization.  The answers lead to insights which raise your level of knowledge and drive significantly increased ROI across your organization.

With over 50 years of combined nonprofit innovation experience, the NewSci team is uniquely positioned to assist organizations in cutting through the data noise to find the signals  leading to actions which create sustainable growth. The opportunity of Big Data technologies requires re-thinking and re-imagining the kind of knowledge you can acquire just by asking a new set of questions.

Our strategic consulting services include:

Big Data Readiness Assessment
Big Data Analytics (Predictive & Prescriptive)
Sentiment Analysis
Text Analytics
Social Analytics
Relationship Retention
Experience Design
Data Visualization
Information Privacy, Security and Management