There are a huge amount of sources, news, articles and content out there. Reading them all has become a hassle.

The Reader combines specialized, user-curated news aggregators like Reddit, YCombinator HN, Coinbase and many more, together with Twitter, the SEC and others. And its open source and was pretty popular.

The Reader shows you upfront a summary, aggregates points and comments from the different sources. Open it now, its free.

Smart Filters and News

Mache Learning applied to news in real time for everyday use. Smart-Filters add a layer of machine learning to the Newscombinator, which is a news aggregation service.
Content is gathered from different channels and user-curated sites, such as Reddit, mainstream News outlets, but also from Twitter, or the SEC.

Smartfilters are learning what content you are looking for, with machine learning.
Results are made available through the mobile-ready UI, via RSS or as JSON in a structured way.