Change Your Body Boot Camp - Guaranteed Body Changes for Busy People
(Newton's 1st Fitness Boot Camp)

Apply now to join an empowering culture of change where peers give and receive support.  

Participate with best efforts, in 3x weekly, timed interval strength & conditioning total body workouts set to music and designed for people looking to lose weight and fat.  

Transform your body, mind and lifestyle while getting in your best shape.  

Look, move and feel great and have fun exercising.

It's like college where you learn, grow, have fun, meet new people and thrive in an environment of change.  Everybody wants to change.  No resistance, just assistance (except for the dumbbells).  


*nutrition re-education
*access to our online membership community
*optimal nutrition tip sheet
*a do anytime, anywhere workout
*a conditioning program

...and more.

Applicants must:

*be willing to support their peers
*be pain & injury free
*able to jog a mile
*commit to attending all classes & programs
*complete all conditioning assignments
*not whine, complain or make excuses
*do their best always, smile and embrace change

To learn more:

Visit mikealves.com/change.html.