NewU - Your Weight, Your Health, Your Choice is a virtual online weight loss support group designed for those who want support so they can achieve healthier living.  NewU is a safe haven for members to share their struggles and successes on the road to weight loss as well as ask questions.  Peers offer support and feedback while two expert dietitians, Ursula Ridens and Lisa Nelson, offer guidance, support, and encouragement.  

The missing link to many diet programs is group support.  Ursula and Lisa have taken their passion for helping others achieve their health goals and teamed up to provide this crucial piece.  Members can log on at any time of day to get the support they need.

NewU offers many features including member profiles, discussion forum, tools and handouts, teleclasses, Monday Makeovers, Wellness Challenges, and an affiliate program.  We'd love to have you join our community - visit www.newuweightloss.com.