Next Place is where you will find your next home, rental, investment property, lifestyle property, house with a pool, house by the water, house with a chook pen, house with an airstrip or house with a waterslide! If it is for sale or for rent, Next Place will find it.

Next Place was developed to give users access to ALL Australian properties online and provide next generation search technology to help you find the perfect property.

Next Place is a search engine, specifically for property. A powerful, intelligent search engine capable of capturing online real estate listings around Australia and displaying them all in one spot, with filters, features and algorithms that rank your most important features first, and FAST!

Next Place uses next generation search technology incorporating powerful keyword search and useful faceted search, ranking results by greatest relevancy.

What are you looking for in your next place? High rental return? A tennis court in the backyard? Our hero search bar will search hundreds of thousands of properties returning results in milliseconds, which you can then filter using drop down menus or useful two-way sliders. Not sure what you’re looking for? Just use the filters on the left of the page. And search a GREATER RANGE of properties than you've had access to in one place before.

Take control of your property search and find your next place here.