Create Impressive Proposals on MSWORD

Get the advantage of creating Proposals on Microsoft Word with Nibaal Word Plug-In. Nibaal Word Plug-In offers a variety of tools and features that make it easy for users to set up a document in MSWord. The Word Plug-In of Nibaal enables users to create, open and send proposals through MSWord. Users can also browse and insert new modules into the word document.

Content Rich & Winner Repository

Get the best help in building winning proposals with Nibaal Repository feature. Search for past proposals stored in the repository while developing new ones or easily save & upload useful current ones to the Repository.

Communicate Your Brand Identity Effectively

Nibaal offers you the option of personalized proposals that are instrumental in communicating the exclusive brand identity of organizations to prospective clients. Build proposal templates that have the corporate logo, watermark, colors, fonts & font sizes that signify your company’s unique brand identity.

Create Endless Versions of Your Proposal

Nibaal gives you the advantage of creating unlimited versions of an existing proposal. The version control feature enables users to make endless versions of the same proposal without one affecting the other.

Clarity through Collaboration

Nibaal enables multiple users to work on the same document. A single document can be worked upon by team members in different time zones or countries in a synchronized way. The changes made by one member can be tracked by the other member.

Sophisticated Rich Text Editor

Effortless creation of proposals is made possible with Nibaal’s RTE. The advanced editor has features like Table of Content Generator, Format Painter, Merge Table & Insert Module, besides the standard features of font style, size & color, hyperlink, insert table, image etc. All these features make creation of proposals with Nibaal, simple.

Stunning Proposal Template

Nibaal offers you customizable proposal templates that can enhance the attractiveness of your proposal. Get proposal templates that suit your varied needs with Nibaal.