Business Planning, Team Building and Medical Device Marketing Services for growing your business

We are experts in Medical Device Marketing, Team Building and Business Planning.  We help businesses define their target niche market or markets.  Then we build programs that generate sales and profits. This involves analyzing your current programs and products or services against the competition. We are experts at putting marketing programs together that are creative and generate income.

Business Services for strategic business planning

We believe a business planninng process must involve all the disciplines and departments.   Plans are often written but less often successfully implemented.  Using the BEST process, we build the company as part of the planning process.  It is a great system for developing exit strategies.

Business Services for team building

Running a company can be like herding cats.  We take your herd and get their buy in to your strategy through facilliating weekly or biweekly one hour sessions.  We developed
the Executive Team Training program and provide a full range of personnel profiling assessments starting with DISC.
We are Certified Professional Behavior Analysts providing individual assessments and team workshops that help create understanding and improve communications within your team.  It can also help people learn more about how to communicate with their clients.

Business Services for medical device and medical products companies

Our years of experience in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, OTC products and capital equipment gives us a broad knowledge base.  We can implement strategies that help your company adapt to the rapidly evolving medical product marketing environment. Our services range from interim CMO to lead generation programs.  We know how to develop in house call center operations and integrate telemarketing into the overall marketing strategy.  We provide Internet marketing expertise and strategic consulting.  For a sales forces, we can reinforce your training program and help manage the field sales force.    Ask about our free consultation today.

Improve Your Web Lead Conversions 15% or More

Our virtual communication training program, Don't Hit Send, is proven to increase conversion rates from Internet leads by 15% to 40%.  We train your staff on our amazing system for creating relationships starting with email and chat but including telephone sales training.  We also improve their closing rates by training them in the right way to use the telephone to build rapport.

Medical device marketing including product introductions, interim CMO, planning and executing strategies
Team building and executive coaching
Relationship building training for email, chat and telephone
Email Lead Generation and conversion techniques  
Internet marketing from SEO to SEM to Social Media
Business Team Building workshops including DISC profile and our Executive Team Training
Internet marketingconsulting and analysis
System building using the "BEST" business workbook system