With the completion of recent trail segments, the Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS) now exceeds 50 miles in total length.  From modest beginnings more than 20 years ago (the first FUTS plan called for construction of 3 miles of trail), FUTS has grown into a network of trails that extends throughout the community and is widely used for both transportation and recreation.

To celebrate this milestone, we are planning a series of FUTS related events over the course of the summer, including:

A reception and ceremony at the Visitors Center, in conjunction with the dedication ceremony for the new section of FUTS trail and Flagstaff's centennial mural

FUTS Explorer Series - 25 walks along the FUTS in 50 days, led by Jack Welch

Themed walks along the FUTS; possible topics include birding, railroad and Route 66 history, native plants, watchable wildlife, archeology, geology, and sustainability

Challenge to walk or ride all 50 miles of trail

Trail clean-up days

Trail and open space restoration project along Foxglenn Trail