Regional Referral Agent for Motor Club of America, MCA.  My regional office is located in Lehigh Valley, PA.  MCA's Headquarters are located in Oklahoma City, OK.

MCA offers the Best Roadside Assistance  to members in US/Canada/Puerto Rico.  For as low as $19.95 per month, members receive over $150,000 of additional insurances to your existing auto mobile insurance.  Roadside services include towing, battery starts, hospital care, car rental assistance, trip planning, discounts on medical, optical, pharmacy and travel.  

Benefits video http://youtu.be/Q4oL3D6lxwA

In August 2012, MCA and  Get Weekly Paychecks (GWP) partnered to develop the most lucrative and effective marketing strategies offered online.  These marketing techniques have gone viral.  Now is the time to join.  

When you join our Motor Club of America/Get Weekly Paychecks opportunity, we'll set you up with a automated website that does the majority of the work for you: it is your 24/7 salesman that never calls in sick, never screws up, and never forgets... It's remarkable! Your website can make you BIG MONEY every week!

With MCA you get a free associate kit and you can start marketing and servicing MCA right away.  After you get one sign up for $40, you will receive a $80 referral fee.  You will make the $60 you invested and an additional $20.  So, it is a win, win situation.  Remember you are paying for the membership not to start working. Also associates are paid weekly via check or direct deposit (your choice).

As a Referral Agent, all you do is post ads on face book, craigslist, and some creative advertising on you tube and the other social media sites.  Basically any free website advertising MCA and what it offers.   If you can copy and paste you can do this! Once you join MCA/GWP we give you a list of 300+ free websites to post onto and also give you ads to advertise. It’s simple because it sells itself. For every person you get to sign up for a membership with the company pays you $80 so if you only sign up one person a day that’s $400(that’s 5 people).

Watch this video for details on this opportunity.

http://youtu.be/QlPYFJpYUEw  you can follow links in video to join and of course contact me with any questions.

Also you can cancel anytime you want so you’re not locked into a membership or contract which basically sold me , because i said why not give it a try and see if i can do it and make money from home. There’s also a bunch of support groups on FB that will help you get started with everything that I will add you too! They answer any of your questions and have so many good tips on how to be successful with this business.

When you join my team today, you'll be working with the top leaders in Motor Club of America. We're here to help you, coach you, and answer any questions you have. So please... don't hesitate to get in touch with me, if I can do anything at all to make your decision easier. After watching these videos, you can contact me with any questions or feedback. join my team. You could be making money by tomorrow!