Working online full-time is for many something they can only dream about.  

One thing I never really considered, but now know from personal experience, is that working online full-time can often be a very lonely existence - which is why I decided to style my website around the fact that so many of us are working in isolation, whether full or part time.

Coming from a background where teamwork was at the heart of everything I ever did the reality of going full-time online as a self-styled 'solo-preneur' after a 30-year career in the military came as quite a shock.

I particularly remember the moment when I realized I no longer had anyone to delegate to! What a shock!

The most important lesson I have learned is that you cannot make it alone...having a mentor and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs is so important to your (and my) success.

So let me invite you to connect and join my network, with a personal support group (or Inner Circle) where I share my strategies and systems for online success.

Start your very own journey as an online entrepreneur - and though I can't guarantee you untold riches, I can guarantee you won't be on your own!