NightFall Art Gallery is owned by artist Bianca Rohland and will be opening in the picturesque town of Buena Vista, Colorado in Spring 2016. With almost 20 years of marketing experience and the dream of displaying art in an art gallery setting, Ms. Rohland decided to go for the dream and open Nightfall Art Gallery.  

Many artists never have the opportunity to display their art pieces in a gallery setting, and with Ms. Rohland's "Just Being Me" promotion, artists throughout the world will be able to finally have that gallery experience. The gallery will offer affordable marketing through on-site and online promotion for artists who sign up to become House Artists.  

Every month there will be an art show to display that months' featured artists. Workshops put on by local artists will be offered weekly and many other art events are planned throughout the year.    

Nightfall Art Gallery will be a full service art gallery as well as a coffee and wine bar. Locals and tourists will be able to sip on a cup of coffee, wine or beer while enjoying the backdrop scenery of beautiful art pieces.

This is an exciting time for Nightfall Art Gallery and the art community around the world.  NightFall Art Gallery invites everyone to be a part of the amazing dream!

Art lovers from around the world can help artists achieve their dream. Anyone can sponsor an artist so they can be featured as a House Artist in NightFall Art Gallery. Visit NightFallArt.com and learn how you can sponsor an artist in the "Just Being Me" promotion.