Our work is a tribute. To art. Craftsmanship. To real Americans. And to our common belief that a love of freedom isn’t something this country should hide. It’s a commitment that takes courage to display in a time when the masses seem content to watch those freedoms fade away.

Jewelry as a public canvas. Public, because most art hangs in private galleries or in homes behind closed doors. Not our jewelry. It’s right there, on the street and in your face. Far more than a shiny little trinket made in China, it’s a skillfully designed statement about who you are and the freedoms you believe in, displayed front and center. And it doesn’t care if the weak can’t handle the strength of your message.

Your bold support of true freedom fuels us. Our greatest honor comes when we watch our artwork become a staple of your identity. When you look down and see our work against your skin, you know it’s more than silver or gold. You’re seeing the blood, sweat and tears of true American artisans; a window into the soul of a brother or sister who stands firmly for freedom. Above all, those you see wearing NightRider jewelry are part of the tribe. From us, they will always be treated like the family they have become.

This story was borne from a deep love and the relentless determination that comes when someone says you can’t do something.

Our vision of jewelry is old school. It’s the kind of work that only comes from a master craftsman or silversmith consumed with creating magic. That one-of-a-kind piece designed specifically for you, not the masses. That’s how it used to be done. Thing is, true craftsmanship has been kicked out the door by companies more focused on cheap labor and cost savings. Not us.

It didn’t take long to realize if we were ever going to get exactly what we wanted, we’d have to make it ourselves. Our enthusiasm wasn’t very well received. Every avenue we pursued led to industry ‘experts’ who tried to change our minds. They said we had to rethink our art to pander to the masses. We’d have to get rid of the ‘Freedom or Death’ and skulls that define our work. The final straw was telling us an American product couldn’t compete, we’d never make a living crafting these pieces here at home and we’d have to take production overseas.

Deep down, they were really saying we’d have to abandon our American dream.

One of the many things we love about this country and her people: Americans don’t take kindly to people telling us we can’t do something. For us, the choice was clear. We will not turn our back on the country that built us. We will do it the hard way and we’ll do it the right way—a mantra that used to be the American way.

Our American dream was born a few years ago, in our garage, by our own hands, in the dead heat of an Arizona desert summer. We know we might not grow as big as the lifeless brands that fill the stores. We’re okay with that. Every job we bring to our community is worth it. This mentality will never change. We’ll give our heart and our hands to our craft, right here at home in Chandler, Arizona. When we sign our pieces with NightRider and USA, you can bet they’ll be signed with pride because our veins aren’t the only ones that still pump red, white, and blue. Together, we intend to prove it. One piece at a time.

To Freedom,
Nick Ballantyne, Thad Ballantyne and George Ganemome.