Branding specialist, marketing expert, and author Nikolas Allen has enjoyed a 20-year career in advertising which has instilled a deep passion for branding, marketing and the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2010, he launched BAM! Small Biz Consulting to help small business owners reach a wider audience through effective branding and marketing strategies.

His latest book, “Heavyweight Marketing” features stories, examples and case studies directly from the small biz trenches. He is currently director of marketing at a renewable energy company in northern California.

An accomplished musician, contemporary pop artist and pop-culture junkie, Allen spent three years as marketing director for a non-profit art gallery and is currently a board member for Siskiyou Arts Museum. He published his debut book in 2013, "Death To The Starving Artist," which helped artists market their work.

Nikolas has lived in Greece, Africa, Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. He currently resides at the foot of a magical, mystical volcano in the far reaches of northern California.