I am glad you found me here at my newest Internet home. As a licensed Estethician, I’ve had the pleasure of living my passion, namely helping my clients with their skin care concerns. And doing makeup for brides and their moms on the day of their wedding, is a thrill that continues to make me love what I do.

I just like to make people feel good about themselves. If that means that I give their hair a fresh new look or maybe it means bringing out their best feature in their face, I will do it to put a smile on their face. I strive for excellence in who I am and in my work. I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup, ha! My Nana gave me clear mascara.

Who knew that a strong military background would pave the way for growing a career in the Beauty Industry. It all started with my own personal natural hair journey to expand my range of skills…

Upon going “natural,” I discovered the art of makeup while attending Heritage Institute for Esthetics. And I decided to go further into Makeup Artistry by attending dozens of classes and enrolling in an intensive series of workshops.

At that point I started to do more and more weddings and then began staging my own photo-shoots with various photographers throughout Jacksonville and Atlanta.

If you’re worried about your skin showing signs of aging, whether you are 22 or 82, I know how to help restore and maintain a more youthful look.

Call me today and let’s schedule your consultation. 678-834-9950