London’s Nirvana Brewery seeks investors to drive forwards its vision to launch a brewery producing great-tasting Alcohol-Free Craft Beers.

The craft beer movement is taking the UK and the world by storm, and with this comes a new opportunity – to develop delicious tasting yet non-alcoholic beer alternatives for a growing number of people choosing to go alcohol-free or lower their intake. The crowdfunding round - its first-ever - is with Crowd for Angels a leading equity crowdfunding platform.

Though a few recognisable alcohol-free beers exist, they have long been regarded as poorer, tasteless versions of their intoxicating cousins – lacking in variety and failing to hit the spot when a refreshing beer is called for. Yet demand for high quality, great-tasting, alcohol-free beer is rapidly increasing, and Nirvana Brewery is primed to respond to this growing market trend.

“We’re aiming to create something that will be completely unique in this sector of the industry: non-alcoholic beers with all the credentials of a great craft beer. What’s more, we’re aiming to create our beers to be also gluten free, so they’ll be suitable for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerances.” says Steve the founder of Nirvana and who has worked within the industry for over 6 years.

There are many reasons why a person might choose to drink a non-alcoholic beer: perhaps they’re a designated driver; maybe they’re unable to drink alcohol because of health reasons or your religious faith. Whatever a person’s reason for choosing alcohol-free beer, research shows it’s the largest growth sector in the beer industry. In fact, according to a recent Euromonitor report, the alcohol-free beer sector is set to increase by an enormous 26% between 2013 and 2018. Nirvana Brewery needs your help to capitalise on this fantastic opportunity.

The secret to Nirvana’s success, Steve says, will be their use of locally-sourced ingredients, traditional recipes, and the adoption of new modified brewing processes that are different from those currently used in traditional brewing in the UK and abroad... Nirvana will look to brew familiar styles of beer such as Stouts and IPAs and early taste tests have scored very favourably with their target audience “We want to do alcohol-free beers, following the same standards of craftsmanship that define craft beer,” says Steve. “Something that really sets our alcohol-free beers apart from its competitors.”

“From the offset we really want to develop a strong brand identity, an identity that looks as good as the beer tastes. Our craft beers won’t be watered-down, alcohol-free versions of an existing alcoholic product, they’ll have an identity that we’re sure will be a hit with retailers and consumers alike.”
“But we need an injection of cash to purchase our specialist equipment and facilities we need to get started on our dream and make Nirvana Brewery the successful brand we want it to be. Once we’re up and running, the rewards will speak for themselves and we look forward to raising a glass with our sponsors! We hope that beer-lovers will see the potential in Nirvana’s alcohol-free brewery and urge potential investors to make a pledge towards our crowdfunding campaign.”

Beer-lovers and potential investors in Nirvana’s alcohol-free brewery can find out more and invest in return for equity using the user-friendly crowdfunding investment platform ‘Crowd for Angels’ , here potential investors will be able to invest from £25 upwards receiving special rewards plus qualifying investors will be eligible for SEIS Tax relief. https://www.crowdforangels.com/company/Nirvana-Brewery-48.

For more information and images contact:

Steve Dass
T: +4407717 666556
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