NITEHOG is a woman-owned U.S. manufacturer and reseller of night vision and thermal systems. Products include image intensified night vision systems used by professional hunters, military and law enforcement such as: AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-7, mini-monoculars, night vision binocular systems, thermal weapon sights and clip-on-type night vision devices (CNVD, L-3 M2124, AN/PVS-24, NITEHOG WARTHOG, NITEHOG HOGZILLA, L-3 CNVD-LR-the Clip-On Night Vision long range version of the PVS-24 and more).

NITEHOG also manufactures, sells and services thermal systems such as thermal rail-mounted systems with reticles, thermal handhelds like the L-3 Thermal-Eye x50 and more.

NITEHOG Systems LLC introduces a complete line of night vision goggles, night vision scopes, thermal handhelds and thermal weapon sights. Whether you're seeking a dedicated night vision sight with reticle for hunting predators or varmints, a high performance thermal weapon sight for hog eradication, a thermal monocular for detecting criminals or other quality system for seeing at night - NITEHOG has got you covered.

Built by Pros for the Pros
NITEHOG was founded by night vision and thermal professionals well-versed in the U.S. defense market. We're hunters too, so we actually use the products and constantly seek to make them better! We are dedicated to you, our customer, by providing the best quality, most cost-effective night vision and thermal products possible. More and more professional hog guides, ranchers and others that are using night vision and thermal for hunting are turning to NITEHOG products for one good reason - our products work in real field conditions.

NITEHOG was founded on the following principles:

- Provide unique, high quality products
- Offer a no-BS warranty with the highest possible customer service
- Understand that "what comes around, goes around"
- Support our customers with accurate information - no matter what
- Educate the market on differences between Thermal and Night Vision Systems
- Build products that truly work on real hunting rifle calibers & in real conditions