Our Founder’s Vision:
“Just mention the word head lice and you’ll find parents across the country begging for help. My goal and passion is to help solve that problem and give them a natural solution while teaching women to starting and run a successful, profitable business that helps their communities rid themselves of lice” - Marcy McQuillan

Message to Mom’trepreneurs:
This type of business comes with a type of personal satisfaction and self-fulfillment that calls on your mothering experience and make it work so that it can bring you, both, financial and personal rewards.

With the right education and guidance we can lead you to a prosperous career doing what you do best, BEING A MOM!

Value Statement:
Millions of Kids get head lice every year and need treatment, Parents are seeking professionals who treat head lice instead of treating them at home with pesticides, shampoos and spending time combing. Nitless.com will train you to be the solution for head lice removal in your hometown while establishing a profitable business.

Benefits to Opening a “Nitless” Business:

Valuable To Your Community
Part-Time or Full-Time
Low Costs To Startup
Recession Proof Industry
Potential Six-Figure Income

About Our Founder:
Marcy McQuillan has effectively treated head lice for thousands of families in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. Her treatments have helped revolutionize the treatment of head lice using only controlled heated air to kill head lice and their eggs (nits) without using pesticides or other chemicals.

Recently the National Media has leaned on Ms. McQuillan as “The Lice Expert” for her article exposing the spread of head lice through teens taking selfies. She has been seen on or mentioned by Inside Edition, CNN and The Huffington Post.

Her business, Nitless Noggins, is currently expanding throughout the Bay Area with treatment and training facilities.